Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beginning the Adventure: A Pledge

So. Proudly born and raised in the Bible-thumping, Rebublican-run, Monsanto-catering, bread basket of America, good ol' Lincoln, Nebraska. While I learned lots of important 'old-school' values such as respect for elders and washing behind my ears, it was a community that frowned on alternative parenting, distrusted vegetarians, shunned non-Christians, and discouraged free thought. 

It has taken me years to step away from the constant Republican/Christian brainwashing and begin to awaken to the realities of the world. Becoming a mother has made me seek out any and all information I can, to learn how to provide a more chemical-free, wholesome, nature-based, life for me and my young child. As I have discovered herbal medicine, self-sustainability, organic/raw foods and food-as-medicine, backyard farming, tiny houses, urban homesteading, and un-schooling, I have watched this new, amazing, beautiful world unfold right along with my perspective. 

I spent some time in college, went to a tiny town that was absolutely not the place for me. I eventually made the decision to move on to a new adventure, something I felt I was doing for me, and not for society or it's expectations. I began pursuing my music and landed in Kansas City, MO where I found a wonderful group of awake people, people who had really started to figure out what LIFE really was under the propaganda and brainwashing and corporate politics. And thus the journey began. I dropped my life of materialism, of drugs, of the pushing and shoving to get above those around you. I left all I owned behind, went sober, and began traveling, began the process to un-teach myself everything I'd learned about me, about my world, about relationships, about Spirit. 

I did eventually become pregnant and move inside but that entrepreneurial, forge-her-own-path, tree hugging, upcycling, homesteading, crafty gypsy lady still existed inside of me. Of course, the many exhaustions of mommyhood slowed my progress, but motivated me further to provide the childhood and life for my bug that I feel he deserves. 

So this is the beginning of my pledge. To make every day a day for learning, for progress, for sharing, for love, for smiles and warm bellies and gratitude for this wonder-ful, amazing place we live called earth<3 


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